Methanol Fire Detection And Suppression


The Enviro-Guard system is our solution to the safe and efficient storage and transportation of highly flammable substances used in the critical industries - vital when ignition is invisible to the naked eye.

Primarily used to protect methanol tote tanks, the Enviro-Guard system is also suitable for use with any substances which pose a similar hazard.

The system offers automatic detection and initial suppression of methanol fire by using fire trace detection tubing charged with dry nitrogen. If methanol leaks and ignition occurs, the detection system will activate and nozzles will coat and suppress any fire with bio-degradable AR-FFF foam. Simultaneously, audible and visual alarms are activated to alert personnel in the vicinity of the product.

The Enviro-Guard System can be offered with Fire Foam Trolleys and AR-AFFF foam to fully extinguish a fire, while a Thermal Imaging Camera can be offered to assist the fire-fighting team.


Our experienced technicians not only install and maintain the Enviro-Guard system - they also provide the added benefit of delivering comprehensive familiarisation training before use.

We understand the importance of sharing our wealth of knowledge and expertise to improve safety and deliver piece-of-mind within safety-critical industries. Centurion Power & Equipment technicians take our customers through step by step guides and provide them with live demonstrations of the activated system.

This product training/demonstrations can be delivered at Centurion Power & Equipment premises, on client owned premises or in-field.