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Wastewater and
Water Management

Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants

WTS is a leading supplier of government approved sewage treatment plants for remote camps, rigs, medic shacks, and security checkpoints ranging in size from 1 to 200 people.

Sub Series

WTS 500s

• 1-2 Wellsite Trailers
• For Remote, Low Occupancy Sites
• Security Check-in and Safety Shacks

WTS 1500• 4-5 Wellsite Trailers
• Wheeled Unit: Crew delivers unit, no 3rd party trucking
• Ideal for locations on the move
WTS 3000• 8 Wellsite Trailers
• 20' 1SO Skidded Container
WTS Combination Units• 8 Wellsite Trailers
• Power Lighting and Wastewater Treatment
WTS 5000• 6 pod drill camp
WTS 10000• Base camp
• Drill camp with wet sleepers
WTS 25000• Membrane technology
• Camps of 100+ Occupants

Portable Septic Bags

WTS offer Alberta government-approved septic bags for containment applications. They are the preferred choice for short duration wells because no trucking is required and WTS looks after the vac.

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Potable Water Storage

Skidded water storage units with 10,000L and 20,000L storage capacity. Transfer and pressurized options are available.

Washroom Trailers

Wheeled washroom trailers that are winter ready.

To discuss your requirements further, please contact WTS Rentals directly at +1 (403) 336-0028, email or visit our contact page.