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Track Hoe

Track Hoe Packages have become an integral service for drilling rig programs. Prospector has focused for years on supplying reliable equipment and dedicated operators and support staff so the rig crew can focus on drilling.

Services offered:
  • Mix off drill cuttings, cement and drilling waste.
  • Loading trucks to transport drilling waste to disposal.
  • Handling Tubulars.
  • Moving and spotting equipment on rig moves.
  • Handling Mud product.
  • Assisting rig crews.
  • Lay matting on leases or lease access.
  • Lease prep and reclamation on rig down.
Benefits of using a Prospector Excavator vs. a Wheeled Loader
  • Smaller environmental footprint
  • Low impact tracks reduce lease maintenance costs
  • Excavators can operate on all locations (matted, soft or extremely muddy sites)
  • Experienced equipment operators designated to manage drilled cuttings on-site
  • Pickers are not required to offload tools, pipe and other loads coming on-site
  • Reduction in drilling fluid loss
  • Reduction in landfill tonnage
  • Faster rig ups and rig outs result in reduced costs
  • Rig crew can focus on job duties rather than utilizing a loader
  • Safer and less time spent loading and unloading of casing, drill pipe, mud products, and hot shot trailers
  • Reduced environmental clean-up costs with less spills, virtually no tracking, and fewer cuttings dropped on-site while mixing off cuttings and loading trucks

To discuss your requirements further, please contact Prospector Energy Services directly at +1 (780) 933-6763 , email or visit our contact page.