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End-to-End Carbon
Credit Management Services


Trido is part of Centurion Group, a global leader in the supply of rentals and services to the critical industries. Centurion is committed to meeting the needs of customers sustainably and efficiently, working to transform the industries it serves through innovation and collaboration.

Trido is a renewable energy technology company that offers revolutionary integrated end-to-end carbon credit management services. We are the leading provider of sustainable and innovative solar-powered production equipment to the energy industry in Alberta. We supply and install emissions-reduction equipment and services to lease, finance, sell, deploy, and manage methane and carbon-reduction solutions that provide our clients with hands-off and trouble-free ease of operations while generating additional revenue.

In 2022 alone, Trido generated 400,000 tonnes of carbon offsets for 44 clients — equivalent to eliminating the emissions from 84,000 cars or planting 66 million trees -- without any capital investment and with significant returns for producers.

Trido is continuously looking for innovative ways to help our clients reach their carbon-reduction targets and support the energy industry on its journey to a decarbonized future.


At Trido Energy Services, we believe the oil and gas industry has a responsibility to use innovative technology to protect the environment and provide long-term sustainability. We are committed to providing high-quality and affordable renewable resource technologies like our solar-powered chemical injection pumps, air compressors, circulation pumps, and our patented control systems.

Our team of experienced industry professionals believes that customer service doesn't begin and end with a sale. Instead, we are dedicated to developing relationships with our clients by supporting them through the initial design process, assisting with the implementation of troubleshooting protocols, and ensuring long-term trouble-free production.

As part of our integrated approach to ongoing customer satisfaction, we provide comprehensive carbon credit management services that include documentation, registration, audits, and certification. We also aggregate and trade the carbon credits on behalf of our customers. Our process enables customers to publish greenhouse gas emission reductions and capitalize on clean energy initiatives.

For more information visit or contact Trido by email at or by toll-free phone at 1-855-368-7438.