100 m3 Double Walled Invert Storage

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List of benefits for Dual containment tank system over 400bll tanks:

  • Double Wall tanks do not require Secondary containment “Berm” system
  • Double wall tanks do not require liner or stair rentals.
  • Double wall tanks do not require Picker truck or service crews for set up on sites.
  • REDUCED ACCIDENT HAZARDS - Less truck activity on lease for a shorter period of time.
  • REDUCED HIGHWAY HAZARDS – Drivers & Swampers work w/in max. allowable hrs are more rested.
  • REDUCED SLIPPING HAZARDS - No bermed area to keep clear of snow.
  • REDUCED TRIPPING HAZARDS - Less hoses on the ground.
  • REDUCED LIFTING HAZARDS - Fluid transfer pump is bolted to tank & hoses positioned chest level.
  • REDUCED OVERHEAD HAZARDS – No overhead crane work to swing in 400 bbl tanks.
  • REDUCED SPILL HAZARDS – If valve failed, no leaks occur due to plumbing over tank top vs. thru side.
  • REDUCED SPILL HAZARDS – drip trays on front of tank will contain minor spills.
  • SUPERIOR LIGHTING – All Tanks are equipped with Fluorescent Lights to light up lease
  • Additional uses for Fluid storage, Diesel Storage, Frac jobs, Production and Workover sites, Plant turnarounds
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