• 18/02/2022


Centurion Canada Rentals & Services is shining the spotlight on two employees for their heroic actions in a potentially dangerous situation.

In January 2022, two members of Centurion CRS’ field staff – Eli Zeilke and Jaime McInnes – were travelling out to a highly remote work site in Northern Alberta during a spell of extreme cold weather conditions, with temperatures reaching as low as -35°C.

While travelling to the work site, they encountered a truck at the side of the road with its lights off. Eli and Jamie decided to pull over to make sure it was empty and that no one was in danger, only to find three extremely relieved and grateful workers inside the broken-down truck. The area had no phone reception, and the workers were without two-way radios, leaving them stranded and unable to call for help. Without hesitation, Eli and Jamie made room in their truck for the stranded passengers and took them back to their work camp.

With temperatures as low as they were, these three individuals found themselves in a seriously life-threatening position. Thanks to the quick thinking and vigilance of Eli and Jamie, the workers were saved from the potentially dangerous consequences of being stuck roadside in freezing temperatures.

We recognize that many people would have continued to drive on without stopping to check and are extremely proud to have members of our team such as Eli and Jamie, who went out of their way to do the right thing in this situation!