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We are pleased to offer communities and work sites with a wastewater surveillance collection and testing service for COVID-19.

WTS Rentals, a division of Centurion CRS, in partnership with a reputable Alberta based clinical lab, is pleased to offer communities and work sites with a sewage surveillance collection and testing service for COVID-19.

Suitable For:
  • Communities of all sizes
  • Remote location accommodation units
  • Work camps and well sites and any type of industrial camps
  • Mining, forestry and remote research camps
  • Stand-alone industrial facilities
  • Stand-alone agricultural facilities
  • Communal facilities
  • Schools
  • Camp grounds
  • Recreational facilities such as golf courses, indoor activity centers etc
The Canadian Water Network lists the possible benefits of this testing:
  • Indication of SARS-CoV-2 in populations without clinical COVID-19 cases
  • Indication of disease declines, trends or early indications of re-emergence
  • Assessment of responses to relaxing of restrictions & shutdowns. Monitoring of "exit strategies" from social distancing
  • Indicating the extent of asymptomatic infections ( which can still be virus carriers --thus potentially infective )

Since 2000, WTS has provided government approved wastewater treatment systems for work camps and work sites across Western Canada.

In response to the current Corona COVID-19 pandemic, our research has proven that wastewater surveillance is a cost effective means to track the presence of the virus in a group of people ranging in size from a small work camp, stand-alone industrial facility, small town, or city.

Knowing which communities and work sites have the virus is critical information that would allow governments and businesses to prepare and prioritize the allocation of scarce resources to infected areas; potentially minimize or avoid the emergence of hot spots and demand for ICU beds.

Negative test results are equally important. There is peace of mind in knowing that entire communities can be considered free of the virus.

In time, and following the development of a potential vaccine, sewage surveillance could be reduced in frequency until testing sites are virus free.

Wastewater surveillance

Wastewater surveillance is a proven method of detecting viruses, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, as well as the use of illicit and prescription medications. There are now numerous references online that illustrate the growing interest from academia and governments in applying this knowledge to test for COVID-19.

Testing Technology

WTS and our partner lab are using a qPCR based test, performed at international standards using state-of-the-art technology at CDC and Health Canada specifications: RNA extracted from the wastewater sample is analyzed for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 genes using the qRT-PCR assay. This technique duplicates a select sequence of genetic code through a series of chemical reactions and these reactions will recognize its genetic sequence and the probes will create a fluorescent signal, giving a positive test result for SARS-CoV-2.

Mobile Lab

Did you know… that WTS, in collaboration with our lab partner, is leveraging our 20 year experience in providing portable infrastructure to place all required testing equipment into a mobile lab capable of providing surface and point of care testing for Covid 19 wherever the testing is needed. A mobile lab will allow for significant savings in testing turnaround time and therefore can better respond to a localized outbreak --- whether in a remote man-camp setting, senior’s residence or industrial facility.

Robust Results

Our on-going sewage surveillance pilot project has included samples from wastewater treatment facilities at participating municipalities in south and central Alberta and Texas. To scientifically validate our methodology, samples were sent to three participating labs including two in the United States and our Canadian partner. Results have ranged fro negative for the virus to a low strength and high strength signal for the virus. To the greatest extent possible, false positives can be eliminated with our procedure.

Accommodation fumigation

In addition to sewage surveillance, we offer accommodation fumigation.

We fumigate the living space. Following the fumigation and the required contact time, we re-enter the space and wipe down surfaces and fixtures.

  • We use a health Canada approved disinfectant and appropriate PPE for the task.
  • Ideal to consider for staffing crew changes.
  • Suitable remote work camps and well sites and any type of industrial camps; Mining, forestry and remote research camps; Communal facilities; Schools, Camp grounds; Recreational facilities, indoor activity centers etc.

To discuss your requirements further, please contact WTS Rentals directly at +1 (403) 336-0028, email or visit our contact page.